The Ramblings Of A Developer

Code Is My Passion

Everyday i find my self impressed with what i find on the internet.

I am impressed!

I use that phrase i almost do on a daily basis, inside my head. Sometimes it's because some man on vine acts as Batman (BatDad), it's really hilarious. Sometimes it's just ironic, like when watching a dude sitting with an electronic dog collar getting shocked. But mostly it is when I come across some article or piece of code where I think. That is just fantastic.

The stuff and knowledge you can get for free! It's amazing! And what impress me is not the fact that it's free. What impress me is that people, schools and companies share the knowledge and fun with others. My Firs encounter with this was a site called or as it original was called Where a young guy made a lot of tutorials on how to make ASP. Good times.

What I thinks eludes many people is that you actually can find knowledge about anything. Things that you otherwise couldn't get access to.

I created this blog, because I have an idea to make an app and write about it during. Mostly because of selfish reasons like to practices being a better writer and better at writing in English. But any how i have a bit of research to do before i can get started. And I find myself, as i often do, on Goggle. Am I really a developer or just a good googler? Well it makes me a better programmer. It gives me knowledge.

So I'am searching high and low on the subject of my obsession, hoping to find a nice framework or a piece of code that can solve the issue I need to solve. And I find what i consider perfect for my little project here. "I am impressed"

I don't want to just copy and paste, I at least want to know a little about how it's made and the theory behind the solution is. I read the article, and I realized that I had no chance of understanding what he wrote. I am not the smartest person in the world. He used math, advance math for me any way.

In my head the voice of the lazy developer said "copy-paste dude! Copy-paste it's legal", my really annoying "what-to-know-it-all" developer said "You have to make an effort". Sigh!

So i again found my self on google. Now searching for "Complex numbers", "Imaginary numbers" And this is where it hit me  MIT OpenCourseWare.

MIT OpenCourseWare makes the materials used in the teaching of almost all of MIT's subjects available on the Web, free of charge. With more than 2,200 courses available, OCW is delivering on the promise of open sharing of knowledge.

I am impressed. So now i am using my time taking courses on MIT.

So if you are a developer sharing your joy for coding, a company trying to strengthen your brand, or a organization trying to share knowledge. I salute you! You ROCK!

To our leaders: Fight the censorship and restriction of the internet.


Let's make an App

Whoa! Hold on there

I'm going to make a simple recipe swaping Application for swapping recipes between people.

The main purpose is to get experience in different areas of development and also to become a better writer.

Here is what I will have to cover:

  • A good api/interface to handle communication between server and mobile devices.
  • Need to find a good way of handling users across platforms.

It's not gonna be the result that's important it's the journey that's important.

That's it.

See you soon